Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wrapping Up

I do believe that I could kick this one out the door in a few days. With my time coming up short as the month ends - and let's not mention the creative fatigue I've been having - I think I may call it a wrap on recording. Despite my intention to do just one more, I don't think I have it in me. i have 8 tracks now, including the two interludes and it pushed me just over the 35 minute mark.

I finished the vocals from the last track, "My Apologies," today. Yesterday I laid down the vocals and they were TERRIBLE when I listened to it today. pitchy and off time; I couldn't get it together. it was so bad I started to mess with an auto-tuning plugin to compensate (and that did not turn out well). On a whim, i tried one more take today, and it all came together. still not perfect, but i'll take it. I'm sure at this point, I'm going to notice and care more than anyone else.

I've been going through some of the recordings and redoing all the leveling, panning and general mastering, and things are sounding bigger. I'm starting to learn how to create a bigger sounding sound space, which is helping to make the tracks pop. I've also been begrudgingly bringing the vocals up in the mix more.

All in all, I'm very very happy with this project.

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