Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Moving on...

Had a jam session with Sean tonight and it was surprisingly productive. I came out with two new ideas to be twisted and molded into something real. One song, for sure, will be full band only, but the other will work ok on the acoustic. Both have a real strong and somewhat droning sound to it. Big riffs, though, and very fun. I'll have to get moving on putting them to paper.

I also got to play guitar through my amp, instead of through a software amp simulator. Quite refreshing to not look at my amp unplugged; its tubes sitting cold and brittle. No, tonight the vacuum tubes burned with the fires of rock and roll as I moved this thing forward.

I want to get a few more songs together and then hit a few open mic shows here in town. Until Sean and I commit to a full band arrangement and find a drummer, this here's a solo act.