Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Really Did Disappear

The RPM Challenge is all over. The last step is to mail the cd into RPM headquarters on Monday and let the cash roll in.

I've said it in previous posts, but it's been a really amazing experience. I learned a lot over the course of the month about myself, about what my music sounds like when I stop trying to shoe-horn it into particular styles, about the recording and engineering process...

I've been out of a band for literally years and I'd been unsure if I'd ever do anything substantial after my last band, The Trust, did our demo. I'm glad I have something more. I did write the majority of the music (not to understate the contributions of the other members), but this is 100% me, completely free to explore what I can possibly produce. I feel I was able to tap that musical core and produce the most honest, authentic music I've ever done.

Big thanks to everyone who's pushed me along.

While you're at it, go check out T.J. and Sarah's RPM Challenge album. It's awesome, and humbles me greatly. "Phantom Vibrations" wrecks me.

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