Sunday, February 8, 2009

Two More Down

Today was EXTREMELY productive, to make up for my lazy Saturday, no doubt. I rerecorded the vocals to "Of Towers and Bastards" finally and mixed what I've got. I'd like to re-do the drums, but I want to hit that 35 minute mark before I start messing around with that. they're good enough, I think. Vocals turned out better, though I wish the lyrics would come together. I played with some edits that Aaron did for me and, while they worked, I ended up going another way with the narrative. That's the problem writing these songs so quickly: they are alive even after they're recorded.

Case in point: "Oh, How I love" (which is now "Snakes"). The vocals were tricky. I wanted something that sat in the mix like a ghost. I played with really bassy eq, and it sounded cool, but I found that stripping all the bass out sounded much cooler. I ended up re-recording them and adding a third verse instead of repeating the first.

Pretty happy with the finished product on both songs. Check 'em out. The links to the songs are now on the right side info-bar.

Now I need to write a few more... Ugh. This one month deadline is nuts.


  1. Good call on the re-record on the vocals, they sound much stronger on this run through. Keep the train rollin'...

  2. yeah, the original vocals were embarrassingly pitchy and loud. i did them without having the lyrics locked down and without a warm up. hooray for preparation.

  3. progress is progress and it's all starting to sound really great. head up.