Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Apologies

I'm about to close the book on the last track I think I'll be able to squeeze out before the deadline. my week's fairly busy and next week, i'll need to finalize mixes. Looks like it's all down hill from here.

However, I still have to finish the god forsaken vocals on this track. they don't appear that hard, but I just can't stay on pitch... i mean, more than normal. I have a fairly good take right now that was patched together from multiple takes, but i think i'll probably try to do a retake tomorrow if I get a chance.

I was going to only have the one acoustic guitar track, but i added a backing track of a little electric guitar and it really sells the mix. adds a lot of immediacy to it. Also, the lyrics of this one came together for the most part. not my favorite lyrics ever, but I have some sharp lines (love the bridge and how it works the end). I think this'll be the final track on the mix. it sums up a lot of what I''ve been writing about on the other songs.

Seems the album was more concept driven, if only thematically, than previously thought.

can't wait to have it all "finished."

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