Tuesday, February 3, 2009


While I haven't been too productive as of late, I do consider myself something of a musician and songwriter. After all, I've been playing and composing for over 15 years and though fairly lazy and distracted, I don't think I suck.

Over the years, as I found myself more alone, musically, it's been a dream to write and record an entire album on my own. There was always the obstacle of me not knowing how to play the drums, but now that I know how to sequence drums with midi, I really don't have an excuse.

I was turned onto the RPM Challenge via Forums.SomethingAwful.com and I think it's going to be a great thing for me musically. The challenge in RPM Challenge is to write and record an entire album in the month of February. The album has to be 14 songs or 35 minutes. I have an even 10 minutes of music written and mostly recorded and it's only Feb 3rd. I'm almost 1/3rd the way there. check the new songs out: myspace.com/goodsirmusic

Stay tuned

Total minutes of new music: 10 minutes
Track List:

Of Towers and Bastards
The Ballad of You and I

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  1. WOW hadn't heard "The Ballad of You and I" yet. absolutely soul crushing, well done.