Saturday, February 7, 2009

What A Waste

Somehow, I didn't get much completed today. I did lay down guitars on a new track, but i'm having a hard time nailing down lyrics. Once I stopped languishing in rhyme hell (where I try to find that perfect phrasing of the idea), and just putting something down to complete the narrative, it was fairly easy.

I wanted to re-record the vocals for "Of Towers and Bastards," so the song might be listenable, but I didn't get the chance. I'll have to force myself to do it tomorrow. At least I have the lyrics to THAT song finished! I'm fairly happy with the lyrics, too. Very biting lyrics. Not sure if anyone's going to get that its a love song...

I don't think i'll have time to put anything together tonight. The wife has people coming over, so it'll be pretty rude to sit in the office rocking out by myself. I desperately want to record "Oh, How I Love..." It'll make a nice interlude. I also have another idea from the archive that i'd like to finally get down on wax.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow will have to be productive.

Songs Finished: 2
Songs Pending: 2
Total minutes: 21:23 minutes

Current Track List:
Of Towers and Bastards
The Ballad of You and I
Oracle of Everything

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