Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All Day, All Night

I started work this afternoon on one new idea, and it got me back on an old idea that I never had been able to figure out what to do with. After some playing, it's possibly the most big and epic song I've ever written. I really want lyrics on it, but I'm afraid it'll be ruined by my ham-fisted lyrics. I suppose that's what editing is for, though.

I'm amazed at the tone i was able to coax out of Guitar Rig. That little amp simulator has been incredible. Between this and "The Ballad of You and I," it's been the best piece of software I have installed on my PC. Also, big thanks to the people who make Reaper. I love the interface and thanks for having the most awesome fair use policy ever. I promise I'll pay for it someday. :)

Productive day, productive night. Tomorrow, I need to work on lyrics for the new one ("Oracle of Everything") and maybe record "Oh, How I Love" if time permits.

Total minutes of new music: 15:48 minutes
Track List:

Of Towers and Bastards
The Ballad of You and I
Oracle of Everything (NEW)

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