Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Way It All Will End

I took myself to a dark place to write lyrics for this new song. It's going to be easy to make assumptions about it and I, but it's like a half-truth.

When I write lyrics, it's all extremes; it's only one part of what I'm digging away at. that's why love songs never sound like love songs, and when, in this example, I take myself to places I fear to tread, it's like the world coming down (or maybe I just sound like a jerk).

I'll try to post it tonight if i get the mixdown presentable. Reaper was having a fit, with all the tracks and effects I was running. I thought it was going to crash a few times and feared I was going to lose an hour of mixing and effects work. thankfully, i was able to free up extra memory for it to devour. It doesn't seem like much, but there's a lot of layers going on. Sheesh, never thought my dual-core rig would feel like a dinosaur...

I decided I'm not going to post full tracks until it's all done. but I will post samples. here's The Way It All Will End.

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